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Forex Trading: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Feb 18th & 19th, Dukes Dubai Hotel, Palm Jumeirah.



As one of the most highly anticipated events on the HYCM calendar, we’re thrilled to announce the success of our February Edition Forex Trading: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide event, held in the Dukes Dubai Hotel, on Palm Jumeirah.


Firstly, we want to express gratitude to everybody who attended the event. It’s always a privilege to have the opportunity to meet our customers and client face-to-face, and we were delighted with how many of you participated.


The 2-day event (18th-19th Feb 2019) was presented by our resident speaker Giles Coghlan, the Chief Currency Analyst here at HYCM. Giles, who has over 10+ years of experience in the Forex trading industry under his belt, hosted a series of educational presentations to help us to grasp the necessary steps and knowledge needed to enter the sometimes-daunting world of Forex trading.


Giles commenced Day One by covering the technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis basics, as well as taking a comprehensive look at the psychological elements of trading and risk management. The group then concluded the day with a look at Giles’s step-by-step trading guide designed to help you start trading at home.


As Day Two proceeded, the group partook in a hands-on practical workshop - a favorite with clients and HYCM staff alike. Taking everything from Day One, the participants were given a chance to apply the knowledge and begin trading in real-time while under the guidance of a professional industry leader.


Giles then closed the event by contributing an event-only offer for private coaching opportunities, and all attendees received their exclusive and well-earned 40% trading deposit bonus.


All in all, we here at HYCM are proud to have hosted such a brilliant event, and we’re so grateful for everyone who attended and made it what it was. As always, it was an honor to host for you all, and we hope to see you all again next time for another premium opportunity to learn about the basics of Forex trading from the experts while networking and socializing with other like-minded individuals.


Stay tuned for more information to be released about our upcoming events and seminars, and we can’t wait to see you there.

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