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Ultimate Guide to Forex Trading

April 8th & 9th, Dukes Dubai Hotel, Palm Jumeirah



Here at HYCM, we’re proud to announce the success of our last 2-day event, and we’d like to start by taking this opportunity to thank everyone who attended. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and whether you’re a long-term HYCM client, or a newcomer testing the water, we hope you had a captivating experience.


The 2-day Forex trading course was held over the 9th and 10th April at our beloved Dukes Dubai Hotel. Our host speaker, Giles Coghlan, the Chief Currency Analyst for HYCM, led the course and covered everything you could imagine involving the Forex trading industry.


He included information on the basic terminology used within the industry to help get all attendees on the same page, as well as covering more advanced topics, such as expert trading and risk management techniques. In short, the event covered everything you need to know to make waves in the world of Forex trading.


Day one of the event saw Giles and the group explored the concept of currency markets, analyzing and evaluating current market trends happening right now, and even touched upon some of the psychological aspects of trading and how traders need a certain kind of mindset to succeed.


This included a wealth of information on fundamental analysis of markets by following genuine worldwide market trends as they unfolded in real-time. Giles also touched on subjects such as how to respond to market events and global situations that can come from nowhere. Of course, risk management is a massive part of this, which is why we explored the essential concepts of it.


Heading into Day two, the team had the chance to test their skills in their own trading experiences, all while under the professional and expert mentorship of Giles himself. The group was given the opportunity to practice real-time trading techniques on their own demo accounts, as well as taking an exclusive look into some of the realities, problems and situations a trader may find themselves experiencing on a daily basis.


This all took place on our special MT4 demo trading accounts that create a realistic, real-time experience, all while Giles provides feedback on what is taking place. Of course, this is an exclusive opportunity our attendees were able to indulge in; an invaluable experience to both educate and inspire.


The event was closed with a small graduation ceremony where each attendee was presented with a Certificate of Completion for successfully making their way through the event and were issued information handout packs which they can continue to refer to and learn from on a daily basis.


Once again, it was a pleasure to host this event, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who turned up and made the event the success it was.


We here at HCYM are committed to hosting more events of the calibre in the future, so if you want to attend yourself, keep an eye open on our website and social media pages for the announcements, or get in touch and ask, as we have lots of exciting opportunities coming up in the near future.

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