Leverage Information

At HYCM our clients can trade using leverage, allowing them to control larger trade sizes.

Leverage Ratios

Define your leverage ratio up to a maximum,
depending on the instrument and regulating body.

ASSET CLASS HYCM LTD (CIMA) Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Ltd (FCA) HYCM (Europe) Ltd (CySEC)
  MT5 MT4 MT4 & MT5 MT4 & MT5
FOREX (MAJOR) 1:200 1:500 (Dynamic) 1:30 1:30
FOREX (MINOR) 1:200 1:500 (Dynamic) 1:20 1:20
FOREX (EXOTIC) 1:100 1:20 1:20
COMMODITIES (SOFT) 1:50 1:10 1:10
COMMODITIES (ENERGY) 1:67 1:10 1:10
INDICES (US) 1:200 1:20 1:20
INDICES (EU) 1:100 1:20 1:20
INDICES (INDIA,CHINA) 1:33 1:10 1:10
INDICES (OTHER) 1:100 1:10 1:10
PRECIOUS METALS (GOLD) 1:133 1:20 1:20
STOCKS (US) 1:20 1:5 1:5

Dynamic Leverage for Forex

golden scales

HYCM uses a dynamic forex leverage model available on the MT4 platform

Multiple dynamic leverage options up to 1:500 are available for both Forex (major) and Forex (minor)

As the volume of a client's chosen instrument increases the maximum leverage offered automatically decreases (as per the following table). Margin recalculation is triggered every ten lots when the number of lots exceeds 10, 20, or 30 lots.

If a client has positions open across multiple instruments the leverage will be calculated separately on each forex symbol.

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