White Label Partners

HYCM can provide companies with the infrastructure required to enter the world of global capital markets trading. We can customize a program to meet the needs of any organization and enable you to provide online brokerage services to your clients via your own company with support, technology and operations powered by HYCM. This service requires proof of ability to generate business and commitment to a long term relationship.

Our solutions are customised to meet individual client requirements - from single-product stand alone systems to large, integrated trading solutions.

Benefits of partnering with HYCM:

We will cater for your trading needs

We provide you with your own branded website, trading platforms, software and price feed as well as white-labeled customer service support center to help you enter the industry with ease.

Peace of mind to focus on building your brand not IT

Use our proven back-office systems, trading technology and operational expertise. A partnership with us enables companies go live quickly, limiting product development and allowing focus on increasing revenues.

Complete turnkey solution

Get your own financial trading business with a full feature trading application, online demo system, marketing material, and 24X5 service and technical support.

Full Back-office Support and reporting tools

Get unlimited access to a robust back-office suite of customer reports and income statements. Everything you will need to know about the business generated by the clients you introduce is available in real-time. Get access to statistics such as commission earned and trading volume generated by your clients.

Flexible Compensation Structures

HYCM offers various compensation plans for our white label partners:

  • Partners can choose to offer the same trading conditions and product specifications as HYCM, in which case the white label partner will receive a percentage of the spread earned by HYCM from the clients’ trading volume.
  • HYCM can also offer institutional pricing and the white label partner can markup the spread additionally and get compensated on the spread difference.
  • Additionally partners are able to charge a fixed commission on each client transaction and get compensated the full amount.

Steps to become a White Label partner

  • Contact HYCM and inquire about a white label partnership.
  • Determine the type of partnership you would like to establish.
  • Discuss with our representatives and establish client trading conditions and compensation terms.
  • Complete and sign the white label partnership agreement.
  • Work with HYCM team on developing your branded website/ platform design.
  • Launch your business.