Refer a friend Program

HYCM has designed this program because we want to reward our clients for supporting us and introducing HYCM to other people within their social network and get immediate rewards. Simply introduce your family and friends to HYCM and we’ll do the rest — from setting up their trading accounts to providing them with all the tools needed to trade.

How it works:

Every time you refer a friend who in turn registers and funds a trading account with HYCM, you will have the opportunity to receive trading credits up to $250*.

Certain rules apply:

  • You must be an active customer of Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited, trading as HYCM.
  • You can only refer individuals with whom you have a personal or business relationship and that you believe would be interested in trading with HYCM.
  • We will tell your “friend” who has referred them; you confirm your friend consents to receive such emails.
  • Your “friend” will only count as an active customer after we receive all the necessary documentation for opening a trading account and only after they funds the account with the minimum required amount. There is no maximum number of “friends” you may refer or an upper limit on the amount of referral rewards you may receive under this program.
  • You can only refer each “friend” once, and the referral reward is only payable on the first Account opened by each “friend” and only for the first deposit made into this account. In the case of new Joint Accounts, only one Bonus will be payable to the Joint Account holders.
  • The relevant referral reward will be credited to your Account after all the qualifying conditions have been met. All referral rewards are for trading purposes only and is non-withdrawable.
  • Referrer accounts denominated in Euros will be credited with the dollar equivalent.
  • You will not be permitted to undertake discretionary trading on any of the Accounts referred under the reward scheme at any time.
  • HYCM will not be liable to you in relation to the referral rewards (including for any losses arising because of use of the reward).

Basic rewards table:

Over $2000
* All referral rewards will be credited to the referring account for trading purposes only.