Skyrocket Your Trading Performance

Skyrocket Your Trading Performance

A 5-week FX webinar series to get you covered from the ground up


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Webinar Series Agenda

What you will learn

Choosing which of the many trend indicators to use can be a daunting experience. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of 7 common trend indicators. Learn how to identify market trends, respond to market changes and forecast the direction of price movement.
During times of low market volatility the use of Forex Oscillators may be valuable. Learn how to read and interpret signals of various oscillators. Get an understanding of how to define buy or sell moments in a sideways moving market.
More experienced traders often use candlestick patterns to seek entry opportunities. Learn how to read candlesticks, plot and draw support/resistance and find the most common trend/reversal candlestick patterns.
Have a closer look at the live charts and discover how to analyze when a prevailing trend may reverse and when to enter the market at the start of a new trend. Learn techniques on how to spot Forex market reversals.
Time to sum up all of the previously acquired knowledge and apply what you have learnt by building a trading system that suits your needs and investment goals. Trend lines, one candlestick, price action and you are good to go.

April 25th

16:00 GMT

Duration 1 Hour

Equip Yourself With Knowledge

An educated trader is an informed trader

  • Discover trend indicators

    Build your confidence by learning which tools allow you to respond to market changes.

  • Master Forex oscillators

    Don’t let low market volatility be a deterrent. Learn how to identify the beginning of a trend.

  • Learn the candlestick patterns

    Brush up your skills and grasp entry possibilities.

  • Explore ways to spot market reversals

    Identify the market reversals with ease. Learn how various trading methods can help reduce your risk.

  • Learn a high winning ratio trading method

    Price action, trend lines and just 1 candlestick.

  • Earn a certificate of completion

    Earn a certificate of knowledge and highlight your accomplishments by sharing it with your network.









About The Host

Expert who will be conducting the webinar series

Host Name

Yury Safronau

Chief Currency Strategist,
Professor at Belarus State Economic University

Yury Safronau is an independent strategist, trader, private equity manager, co-founder of Target Signals, Chief Currency Strategist at AtoZ Forex and the author of a number of scientific trading theories, who has a PhD degree in Finance. He focuses on foreign exchange market from technical analysis perspective. His insights on currencies and commodities have won him several #1 rankings in his region.

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